Imagine coming into the office or warehouse and finding a leak distorting your products or work. Even if you call an emergency roofer, they might not be available to come to your aid immediately. Why wait until you face a leak when you can easily read the signs of roof damage and have it fixed now? The following are telltale signs that you need a new roof.
The Roofing System is Aged
The average lifespan of roofing systems falls between 20 to 25 years. Consequently, if your roofing system has hit 20 years or more, it’s time you called a full-service roofing contractor like DK Haney. Whether it’s made of shingles, standing seam metal, modified bitumen, or fluid-applied systems, our experienced commercial contractors will do a great job of replacing the damaged systems with newer and more durable ones.
Drooping and Sagging Roofs When the roof starts sagging or drooping, it’s a clear indication it is at the end of its life. Sagging in roofs indicate serious structural damage, mainly in the foundation supports or attic decking. Drooping and sagging happen primarily in the dips and valleys of the roofing system. Schedule a professional roofer to come out and check your roof when you discover these problems.
Broken Shingles
Extreme winds and storms are the leading causes of cracked shingles. However, strong roofs will rarely suffer immensely from heavy winds and storms. In many instances, only weak and damaged roofs will be left totally damaged after a heavy wind or storm. Your commercial roofer can gauge the damage level of the roof and recommend the perfect solution. If only a few shingles are cracked, the roofer will do a partial replacement, while if all the shingles are damaged, the commercial roofer may have to replace the entire roof.
You can See Daylight via the Boards
If you can see daylight through the attic roof boards, it’s a clear indication that your roof should be replaced. If light can flow through the roof, it simply means snow and rain can flow through, too. That’s also an indication that you have poor insulation and unless you get it checked and replaced, the problem may turn out bigger and unmanageable over time.
The Single Color is Inconsistent
When your roof system is sturdy and vigorous, its color will be fluid throughout its surface. But as it gets older, you’ll start noticing telltale color signs, including blotchy colors. Check the roof for inconsistency, including tear and wear in some areas and uniform colors in different parts of the roof system. If the roof has drastic color changes, it’s a telltale that the roof is old and damaged, and you should have it replaced.
Having a damaged roof is pretty dangerous, especially during the heavy rain season when heavy winds and storms are constant. Not all damages indicate a roofing system needs replacement. Always work with a qualified commercial roofer like DK Haney to get a damaged roof replaced.