Roofers re-roofing a commercial roof.

What is Re-Roofing?

As opposed to a full roof replacement or patchwork repair, re-roofing involves leaving the existing roof in place and adding an additional layer of materials over the existing roof. Re-roofing may even involve just a portion of your existing roof and not the entire roof. However, if an existing roof has been severely damaged and is wet or saturated, including moisture in the insulation, the affected areas most likely will be needed to be removed with a full replacement. If those affected areas are not removed, they’ll likely cause problems in the future, even with the addition of a second layer.

The best way to determine if you should go with a full roof replacement or re-roofing is to have an experienced commercial roofing contractor like DK Haney come in and do a thorough inspection and then consult with you on your options.



Re-roofing is a cost-effective option, especially if you only need to remove a portion of the existing roofing system.


Re-roofing is faster than full roof replacement, meaning your business operations can resume as normal sooner than later.


By adding a second layer of roofing material, your roof will be stronger and the interior of your property more protected.


Re-roofing means less roofing material is removed, which means less material to be hauled off to landfills. 

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2-system Maximum

It should be noted that according to most building codes you can legally have a maximum of two roofing systems in place on a commercial roof. So, if you already have two systems, no matter how good the condition, you’ll need to completely remove one system before installing another. However, you don’t need to remove both roofing systems to install a new one.

Also, if the second layer of your roof is dry and in good condition, it can remain. A roofing contractor like DK Haney could then come in and re-roof over top to help minimize removal costs, while staying within building code requirements (with two roofing systems).


Maintaining your roof over time can help you avoid costly repairs. Find the roof asset management plan that fits your specific needs.