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Rapidly growing in popularity, fluid-applied roofing systems are one of the most effective, least expensive and most durable options. At DK Haney Roofing, the name to trust in commercial roofing contractors, we have years of experience in fluid-applied roofing systems – and so much more!

What are fluid-applied roofing systems?

Fluid-applied roofing is the process of waterproofing a roof by applying a special liquid. A simple and versatile procedure, it can be used to waterproof new roofs or repair existing roofs – and can be used for a wide variety of different roof types, materials and shapes.

What are the benefits of fluid-applied roofing systems?

Fluid-applied roofing systems offer several key benefits, beginning with their versatility. As mentioned above, these systems offer a wide array of roofing solutions. In addition to traditional roofs, they’re an effective option for all sorts of roofs and applications, including balconies and terraces. Additional benefits include:

  • Flexibility. Fluid-applied roofing forms a rubber-like waterproof membrane that’s capable of stretching and even returning to its original state, making it both durable and inexpensive. It’s an ideal solution in geographic areas that sustain extreme weather conditions that can cause roofs to shrink and expand.
  • Ease of installation. Unlike other waterproofing solutions that can take days to install, fluid-applied roofing systems commonly take only a matter of hours.
  • Safe to install. Not only are the systems easy to install, but there’s also safer to install because there aren’t any hot materials that can pose fire risk. As a result, they don’t require the extra care that may lead to additional costs.
  • Durability. Fluid-applied roofing solutions are some of the longest lasting in the industry.
  • An all-weather solution. Fluid-applied roofing protects against all the elements and can also be applied anytime of the year.
  • Low maintenance. Fluid roofs are also easy to maintain year round.

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