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What are metal systems?

Simply put, a metal roof is a roofing system made of metal pieces, tiles, or panels. There are several types of metal roofing, including:

  • Aluminum. One of the longest lasting metal roofing options, the pigment from aluminum reflects the radiant heat and maintains a cool temperature inside your building. As a result, you’ll enjoy reduced power and energy bills. Aluminum roofs are also fire resistant and known to withstand harsh climates, including hurricanes and other severe conditions.
  • Copper. Copper roofs look great and are another long lasting option, often lasting up to 60 years. They’re also fire resistant, making them an ideal choice in warm regions. One issue with copper is that it oxidizes and turns green in about 20 years. However, the natural shine of copper can be preserved by giving it a clear polyurethane or clear lacquer coat.
  • Corrugated. Corrugated metal sheets have a unique design of a wavy or rippled pattern. While a plain metal roof is strong, a corrugated metal roof increases the strength-to-weight ratios, which helps to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Tile. Lighter than concrete or clay tiles and easier to handle and transport, metal tile roofing offers easy installation, lower transportation costs and solid performance in extreme weather conditions.
  • Slate. Metal slate roofs — or stone-coated steel roofs – are a bit different than natural slate roofs in that natural slate roofs are made from natural stones and are extremely heavy. However, stone coated-metal roofs are lightweight, durable, and offer a long lasting option. They’re also a fraction of the cost of traditional clay or slate shingles – and still look great.
  • Standing seam. Standing seam metal roofs offer another long lasting solution, often two to three times longer than non-metal roofs. As the most common metal roof design due to its wide availability across the U.S., standing seam features vertical panels joined by interlocking seams. These roofs perform extremely well in harsh weather such as heavy snow, hail — and even fire.
  • Steel. Steel roofs are more resistant to cracking, shrinking or erosion, thereby increasing the lifespan to anywhere between 15 to 30 years. They’re also energy efficient and recyclable, making them a popular choice today.
  • Tin. Tin roofs, which are actually rolled steel with a tin coating, are another long lasting and eco-friendly option, as tin is made from 30 to 60 percent recycled materials. Tin roofs are durable and resistant to cracking.
  • Zinc. One of the oldest types of metal roofs (going back 150 years) zinc is an easily foldable material that makes it well known for unique designs. Even though zinc has the foldable quality, it’s still durable and crack/erosion resistant. Another advantage of zinc is that it’s completely recyclable with a low toxicity level.

What are the benefits of a metal roofing system?

While the initial material and installation cost of a metal roof is higher than your standard asphalt shingle roof, their longevity is typically far better, of course depending on the type of metal. They also offer a greater return on investment and can even lower insurance rates due to their resistance to fire and other extreme conditions. All-in-all, metal roofing systems offer many advantages, making them an ideal option for commercial facilities — in addition to residences.

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