DK Haney Roofing + BlueThread Services Partnership

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Fort Worth, Texas - DK Haney Roofing has partnered with BlueThread Services.


DK Haney Roofing LLC, North Texas’ premier commercial roofing contractor, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with BlueThread Services, an industry-leading provider of roofing and exterior services.

United by a mutual commitment to workplace safety and best practices in customer service, the collaboration between DK Haney Roofing LLC and BlueThread Services is a natural and exciting progression for both esteemed organizations.

“We are proud to join the BlueThread team and their passion for safety and growth. DK Haney has been serving customers for the last 30+ years and we look forward to continue providing them with best-in-class services in conjunction with BlueThread,” said Dustin Haney, Founder at DK Haney Roofing.

“The ability to scale our great company to the highest level is now an even brighter vision through this partnership with BlueThread Services. Strong leaders with diverse industry experience, the mind for top notch safety and the desire to provide the BEST customer care are all reasons for us to get excited. After investing 33 years in commercial roofing and customer relations, I can truly say this is the highlight of my career.” said Jake Miller, President at DK Haney Roofing.

“DK Haney is an industry leader with deep brand recognition nationwide. We are honored to add them to the BlueThread family and continue to elevate their brand. Texas is the next logical region for our platform, and the partnership with DK Haney is highly synergistic with BlueThread’s playbook and growth initiatives.” said Brynne Smith, CEO at BlueThread Services.

DK Haney Roofing was founded in 199 1 by Dustin Haney and has grown organically to become one of the premier providers of re-roofing, renovation, service, and maintenance. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, DK Haney has been serving a broad base of regional commercial and municipal clients across Texas and Oklahoma. Additionally, the company serves an established base of commercial clients across the United States through its national accounts program.

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