smartCARE Roof Maintenance: There Is More to Roof Management Than Total Replacement

Man patching a hole on a roof. smartCARE roof maintenance.

When it comes to your roof, there is more to roof management than total replacement. It is not uncommon for building owners to put off inspection or maintenance work on the roof for fear it will result in being told they need a new one. However, by being proactive with SmartCARE, owners can take better control of minimizing the unpredictable stress and expensive cost of a total roof replacement.

smartCARE Roof Maintenance

A new roofing system will be needed sooner or later for most commercial buildings, but being proactive in caring for the current roofing system can go a long way toward extending its life, and the effect on your bottom line.

A solid SmartCARE roof maintenance program should be built on four main components:

1. Proven efficacy. The point of entering this type of program is to have it be as effective as possible in extending the life of a roof and thereby delaying expenses related to a total roof replacement. Most clients who have used this type of program save thousands of dollars by doing roofing repairs and extend the lives of their roofs up to three times as long.

2. Options. Every building is unique in its own way, and because of that, building owners should select a SmartCARE program that offers options. A reputable roofing company should provide more than one service tier for individuals to choose from. This allows a building owner to choose the option that best meets their specific needs rather than trying to conform to a one size fits all option.

3. Customization. Just as with being able to choose what service tier is best, building owners should be able to pick and choose from a variety of maintenance program add-ons that can better address a building’s needs based on the key environmental factors it is regularly subjected to.

4. Leak free warranty. This option is not available with every maintenance plan, but it is highly encouraged as it typically guarantees a roofer’s work to be free of leaks for up to five years, at which point building owners can renew coverage or switch to a yearly plan.

What SmartCARE Roof Maintenance Can Include

As mentioned above, there are different roof maintenance packages a business can choose from. Some will provide the bare minimum in services while others offer a more complete package. A reputable roofing company should provide various tiers of maintenance that include four or more of the following:

Standard Inspection and Report

This should include a survey of the entire roof to identify trouble spots that require follow up as well as a detailed report that documents any issues such as failing junctions or leaks.

Roof Clean Up

Over time, a commercial building can experience draining issues due to accumulated debris and/or gutter issues. For this reason, a roof clean up should include drainage of joints, water canals, and gutters.

A 5-year Management Plan

This type of plan generally covers routine inspections as well as other services.

Wall Inspection/Maintenance

Some leaks can cause problems for walls, whether it be a leak that has damaged the wall or has encouraged the growth of mold. A wall inspection can identify any issues that need to be taken care.

The Caulking of Termination Bars, Minor Defects at Canales, and Perimeter Penetrations

Quality caulking can be instrumental in sealing roof joints and gaps as well as repairing minor roof leaks.

The Sealing of Deteriorating Coping Joints, Flashing Laps, Seams, and Corners

Sealing these specific areas gives an extra layer of protection from environmental concerns that can wear down elements of a roof over time.

Rapid Leak Response

Should the roof experience a leak, a rapid leak response should ensure that the roofing company will arrive as quickly as possible to repair it.

The higher quality roofing package a building owner chooses, the more of these options it will contain. The money spent on these packages pales in comparison to the cost of a total roof replacement.

Beneficial Program Add-Ons

There are additional services that can be added a la carte to a SmartCARE roof maintenance package. The most common of these generally include:

  • Gutter care – Especially for commercial buildings, gutter care can be a dangerous job. Let the professionals inspect and clean out hard to reach gutters safely.


  • Infrared thermography – The modern technology of infrared thermography is used by roofers to detect the presence of moisture in flat roofs. If moisture is identified, it must be addressed quickly to keep it from becoming a much more complex and expensive problem.


  • Pigeon problems – Issues such as pigeon droppings can be out of sight and out of mind since the surface of the roof is not something most building owners see every day, however, bird droppings can be damaging to a roofing system. Let a professional roofing company clean any pigeon droppings away and remove any nests that could be negatively impacting drainage.


  • Pressure washing – Having periodic pressure washing done can help prevent infestations, provide more aesthetic appeal, and extend the life of a roof.


  • Preventative maintenance – This feature typically includes basic repairs, routine inspections, and the use of reflective coatings to extend the life of a roof.

Benefits of SmartCARE Roof Maintenance

Being proactive in taking care of a commercial building’s roof is not a gimmick, it is simply smart and could end up saving the owner thousands of dollars from a premature roof replacement. Some of the key benefits of using SmartCARE roof maintenance include:

  • Enhances financial savings – There are typically some notable financial savings incurred by choosing to be proactive and enrolling in a SmartCARE roof maintenance program. For example, a building owner could needlessly pay thousands for a brand-new roof instead of being proactive and investing in a maintenance program that usually requires a low and affordable monthly payment and extends the life of the current roof.


  • Helps commercial building owners better understand roofing inventory results – Instead of solely relying on a roofer to decide the next steps, this program helps building owners understand the elements looked at during a standard inspection, as well as what the results mean.


  • Aids with educated decision making for next steps in caring for the roof – Because the standard inspection is designed to track and show clients exactly what the roofers are seeing, it helps them make educated decisions in maintaining the integrity of the roof.


As evidenced by the above, there is more to roof management than total replacement when it comes to SmartCARE roof maintenance. Protect your roofing investment today and choose the SmartCARE program that works best for your business.

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