Insurance Claims

Worried about filing an insurance claim for your roof? We understand. Filing an insurance claim can be confusing and time-consuming. DK Haney Roofing provides insurance claim assistance for our clients; even emergency roof damage claims such as storm, hail, or water damage.

With our vast knowledge and experience in insurance claims, we will help you deal with your insurance company. We will walk your roof with your insurance adjuster to ensure your settlement covers all of your repair or replacement needs. Our goal is to help you get a full roof replacement and/or repairs at no out-of-pocket expense to you other than your insurance deductible.

Contact us to schedule your free roof inspection. Our trained staff will conduct a thorough examination of your roof and provide recommendations and options. Our highly trained and experienced representative will advise on whether to file an insurance claim. If an insurance claim is the best course of action, we will walk with you through the process and be there to answer any questions.


First Check

It is likely that you will receive a “first check” that is significantly lower than the amount required to perform the repairs. We will help by providing the insurance carrier with proper documentation for the full release of funds.

Mortgaged Properties

If you have a mortgage on your property, your insurance check may be released in stages when the mortgage company can verify that you are working with a contractor. We have worked with many financial institutions and can provide them with the necessary documentation to ensure the funds flow smoothly.

Beware of Insurance Fraud!

It is a felony to intentionally deceive an insurance company by profiting from a claim. Some roofing contractors will offer to cover your deductible. That is not legal.

According to Texas HB2102, roofing contractors can not pay, waive, or absorb your insurance claim deductible. A roofing contractor who offers to pay your deductible is essentially discounting the cost of the work to be performed to cover the deductible amount. If this happens, you are required by law to advise your insurance carrier that you had the work performed for a lesser amount, which will reduce your claim benefit. Some shady roofers may even offer to provide two invoices; one for the full amount of the claim for you to provide to the insurance company, and one invoice with the discount.

Stay away from companies that practice this type of fraud.

DK Haney Roofing is reputable, honest, and ready to serve you! Contact us today for a free quote and inspection.

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